Development Application Form

The following is required when lodging your development application form:

  • Completed and signed development application form (refer link below)
  • Two (2) copies of all drawings/plans (if larger than A3 size, then please provide one A3 copy)
  • Copy of Certificate of Title


Development Application Form, Fee Schedule and Office of Technical Regulator Form


PLEASE NOTE - Development Application fees are payable at the time of lodging your application, which can be done in person or via mail to:

Development Services Section

PO Box 44


If you require assistance completing your application form and/or determining appropriate fees, please contact us.

Residential Code Development

For information on the State Government's Residential Development Code please click


In relation to new dwellings, only a small portion of the AHC area is affected by the Residential Code (due to bushfire and waste control system requirements ) – refer to map by clicking on this link


Council checklists for Residential Code and Building Rules Consent Only Applications "fast tracked" developments can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.