Application forms

If you're undertaking works on Council land then a permit is required. This enables Council to record the nature of the works occurring, where they are, and what's required.

If in doubt contact us for more information.

Applications for alteration to Council road reserve should be lodged in hard copy at one of Council's service centres.

This form is used for

  • New or Alteration of a Driveway Crossover
  • Underground Electrical Connection
  • Underground Water Connection
  • Alteration to Road Reserve Vegetation
  • Decking or Infrastructure (walls/posts) in road reserve 

For the 2018/19 financial year the application fee required to be paid at time of lodgement is $87.00
Click here to download an application for works/alterations on a road reserve
Click here to download Roadside Vegetation Planting Guidelines

Heavy vehicle access using roads under the care and control of the Adelaide Hills Council is now managed by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).
The NHVR coordinates the access of heavy vehicles to ensure a safe, efficient and sustainable road network for industry, facilitating a range of access applications from start to finish by liaising directly with road managers (both state and territory road authorities, and local government) to manage the application process and the issue of permits. Click here to be taken to the NHVR's application information.

Below is a list of restricted local access roads and bridges:

​Aldgate​Arbury Park Bridge
​Aldgate​Somerset Road Bridge
​Aldgate​Forbes Road
​Aldgate​Glades Lane Bridge
​Aldgate​Shanks Road Bridge
​Balhannah​Malanilla Court
​Balhannah​Ilinga Avenue
​Balhannah​Kurla Road
​Balhannah​Talbu Court
​Balhannah​Mamara Court
​Balhannah​Arrawa Court
​Balhannah​Darkana Road
​Balhannah​Carawa Avenue
​Balhannah​Unkuala Avenue
​Balhannah​Nairne Road
​Bridgewater​Onkaparinga Road Bridge
​Castambul​Corkscrew Road Bridge
​Cudlee Creek​Holland Creek Road
​Gumeracha​Retreat Valley Road
​Lobethal​Ridge Road
​Lobethal​Post Office Road
​Lobethal​Miller Road
​Lobethal​Bartholomew Avenue
​Lower Hermitage​Lower Hermitage Road
​Mylor​Access Bridge to Kyle Road
​Teringie​Teringie Drive
​TeringieRidgeland Drive
​Teringie​Valley Drive
​Upper Sturt​Sturt Valley Road Bridge (near Whitewood Drive)
​Uraidla​Swamp Road Bridge
​Woodside​Burns Road