Reflective Mirrors

Council only has authority to install or modify signage on Council roads. This excludes speed limit signage.

Main roads that run between and through townships such as Onkaparinga Valley Rd, Strathalbyn Rd, Woodside Road, Torrens Valley Rd, Greenhill Rd are managed by DPTI.

Requests for Mirrors - DPTI Roads
For requests for mirrors on DPTI roads, please contact DPTI.
DPTI will assess the request for a mirror against their operational instructions operational instructions.

Request for Mirrors - Council Roads
Council applies the same operational and risk considerations as DPTI in assessing applications for reflective mirrors. Mirrors will not be installed on roads with a speed limit greater than 60kmh or within the carriageway, shoulders, or islands. If approved, the applicant is required to fund the cost of the installation of the mirror including all future maintenance and liability issues. Please contact us to discuss your request.