Council adopts new structure for a better future

At its recent meeting, and following a thorough Elector Representation Review, the Council resolved to alter the future composition and structure of the Adelaide Hills Council.

The resolution, proposed to become effective from the 2018 Council elections, states the Council area will not be divided into wards, and will comprise 12 councillors who will be elected at Council-wide elections and who will represent the whole Council area.

The resolution will also see the principal member of the Council continue to be a Mayor, elected by the electors for the area.

The resolution was made after two extensive public consultations and valuable conversations with, and feedback from, our community.

"We received a large number of submissions during our consultation period and all issues raised were given due consideration," said Mayor Bill Spragg.

"We thank our community for their feedback and are confident that they will appreciate the benefits of the decision at the next council election."

The Council dedicated considerable time to its decision, taking into account feedback from the community; examining the pros and cons of both ward and no-ward composition; and through both questions and debate.

"The future structure and composition of the Council was based on a number of reasons articulated in Council's resolution and underpinned by the principles of democracy and accountability to the community."

The most debated part of the decision related to the abolition of wards.

"A council area that is not divided into wards can be perceived as a strong and united entity with a focus on the community as a whole, while communities of interest are not affected or divided by arbitrary ward boundaries," added Mayor Bill Spragg.

Every elector will be eligible to vote for all 12 Council Members and the Mayor, with the most favoured candidates from across the district likely to be elected.

"A no ward structure also typically enhances the lines of communication between a council and its community given that the community can freely consult with any or all members of Council rather than feeling obliged to liaise only with a specific ward councillor."

The necessary documentation will now be prepared and forwarded to the Electoral Commissioner, pursuant to the provisions of Section 12 of the Local Government Act 1999.

Click here to read the full Council resolution and overview of consultation

Adelaide Hills Council Members