Wizards converge on Coventry Library

​Wizards, witches and muggles came together at Coventry Library, Stirling, on Sunday 31 July 2016 to celebrate literary character Harry Potter's birthday, and the release of new book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

The capacity event featured children of all ages in superb costuming (even he-who-can't-be-named was there) as well as theming around the library that extended to warnings about the Chamber of Secrets on bathroom mirrors.

Visitors were able to decorate their own magic wands and a Golden Snitch at the completely free craft tables, and many were delighted by meeting a real life Hedwig - though nervous about the slithering snakes.

Library staff were thrilled with the turnout and the effort put in by fans of the Potterverse, with live readings from the new play one of the highlights of the morning.

Thanks to everyone that came along to celebrate with our library team!

Library staff reading from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child