Simpler orchard/vineyard netting rules, helping growers protect crops

​In the wake of the hail storms which affected orchardists and vineyards last year, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) worked with local councils to make it easier for farmers and growers to erect netting structures over their orchards and vineyards. Click here to see a copy of the recently introduced legislation and new rules.

These new regulations, which came into operation from 8 April 2018, enable commercial producers to install netting without the need for planning consent through councils subject to meeting specific requirements, and thereby protect their crops from damage incurred by birds, flying foxes, hail, sun, and wind burn.

This change will save time and money for businesses, as it is recognised that netting systems are now considered a fundamental part of modern horticulture production.

South Australia's horticulture industry was worth $3 billion in gross food revenue last year and we want to ensure our crops are protected and the fruit quality is second to none.

Click here for more information about these new regulations and how they work.

Orchard nets