Don't let your recyclables go to waste

​South Australians are the best recyclers in the nation, but we can always do better by reducing the amount of contamination in our recycling bins.

Placing incorrect items in the recycling bin causes problems during the sorting of recyclables and in some cases just a few contaminated bins can ruin an entire truckload of recyclables.

See below the top ten items to keep out of your yellow-lidded kerbside recycling bin, or click here to download a fact sheet.

1. Plastic bags - bagged recycling cannot be sorted

2. E-waste - electronic items must be taken to a specialist recycling centre

3. Textiles - clothing and fabric can be recycled with a charity store (or used as rags if in poor condition)

4. Food and liquid - these cause a mess and can contaminate a whole load of recyclables, diverting them to landfill

5. Polystyrene/foam - meat trays, coffee cups and foam packaging gets caught in the sorting machines

6. Shredded paper - whole sheets can go in your recycling bin, but shredded paper should be added to your green waste instead

7. Toughened glass - Pyrex, cookwear, mirrors and window glass cannot be recycled like glass bottles and jars

8. Nappies - a yucky contamination, these should only go in the general waste bin

9. Wet paint - only empty and dry paint tins should go in your recycling bin

10. Bricks and wire - building materials get caught in sorting machinery and cause major damage

For more information about how to best dispose of your waste, visit

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