Update on Council's meeting of 4 September 2017 in relation to the Elector Representation Review

At the Special Council Meeting held on Monday 4 September 2017, Council resolved to rescind a previous decision for the preparation of a Representation Review Report based on a four ward model.

Council further resolved to prepare a draft Representation Review Report with the following representation arrangements:

  1. Presiding member to be an Elected Mayor
  2. A total number of 12 Councillors
  3. Council is divided into two Wards

The two proposed wards will be created by merging the existing Torrens Valley and Onkaparinga Valley wards into one ward with five councillor representation, and the remaining Manoah, Mt Lofty and Marble Hill wards will form the second ward with seven councillors.

The minutes of the meeting will be available on the Council website by 5pm Thursday 7 September 2017.

Adelaide Hills Council will follow a process in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1999. A Representation Review Report outlining the proposal for two wards will be drafted and presented at a future Council meeting for consideration.

When the Report is approved, it will be made available for a public consultation period of a minimum of three weeks. Interested persons will be invited to make submission regarding the proposed representation arrangements. 

Following the consultation period, Council will set aside time at a meeting to hear from people who have made a submission.

Council will review all submissions and determine a Final Proposal.

A Final Representation Review Report, containing the final proposal, would then be developed and lodged with the Electoral Commission for certification.