Mobile Food Vending Business Location Rules

Mobile Food Vending Businesses (Food Trucks)

On 1 March 2018 changes instigated by the South Australian Government to the Local Government Act 1999 and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2013 to facilitate the growth of Mobile Food Vending Businesses (MFVB) came into effect.

As a result of these changes, councils no longer have discretion to not issue permits for roadside trading purposes in relation to MFVB. Under the changes, councils must develop and adopt Location Rules that nominate where MFVB can operate in their area.

In preparation for the changes, Council considered a report in October 2017 and resolved to seek community feedback on six sites where MFVB could operate to form the basis of Council's Location Rules. Taking into consideration the community feedback received Council adopted Preliminary Location Rules in February 2018 that identify where MFVB can operate.  MFVB are not permitted to operate in any other location other than those sites identified in the Location Rules.

MFVB must apply for a permit using the permit application form and pay the relevant fee of either:

Monthly $102
Annual $1,017

Council will be undertaking further consultation with key stakeholders on its Preliminary Location Rules during March and April 2018 with a view to refining the Location Rules adopted by Council in February 2018.