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Interment Rights & Cemetery Fees

Adelaide Hills Council manages 13 active cemeteries and has the care and control of three other cemeteries throughout the Adelaide Hills. Plots maybe available for single, double and triple depth burials as well as the interment of ashes. The Cemeteries Co-Ordinator at the Council can, by appointment, assist families with the following:

Interment Rights
The Cemeteries Co-ordinator can assist with both new Interment Right applications and the transfers of existing Interment Rights. A pre-paid Interment Right can be taken out at any time. Council will only take instructions for future requests regarding a plot from a current Interment Right holder.  Interment Rights currently run for 50 years.

A Funeral Director will organise the burial with Council, and they can assist you in regard to pre-paying for the funeral. While burial costs cannot be pre-paid to the Council, the Cemeteries Co-ordinator can assist in guiding you through the process.

Ashes Interments
All interments of ashes are arranged by appointment with the Cemeteries Co-ordinator.

Bronze plaques are ordered through Council for niche walls and gardens. Selected areas also allow for the choice of granite memorials, which are arranged through a Monumental Mason, subject to the Council's approval.

General enquiries
Our office is happy to assist where possible. Please contact the Cemeteries Co-ordinator on 8408 0400.


Schedule of cemetery fees 2018-2019

*50 year interment right - resident​$2,830
*50 year interment right - non-resident​$3,500
​*100 year interment right - resident​$5,650
​*100 year interment right - non-resident​$7,000
​*In perpetuity interment right - resident​$12,250
​*In perpertuity interment right - non-resident​$15,200
​*50 year interment right - resident​$2,830
​*50 year interment right - non-resident​$3,155
​​*100 year interment right - resident​$5,650
​*100 year interment right - non-resident​$6,300
​*In perpetuity interment right - resident​$12,250
​*In perpertuity interment right - non-resident​$15,250
​*Crypt interment right (Summertown)​$4,580
Does not include plaque and pedestal, which will be charged at cost
​*50 year rose garden - double memorial​$2,450
​*100 year rose garden - double memorial​$4,900
​*In perpertuity rose garden - double memorial​$10,170
​*50 year niche wall​$1,530
​*100 year niche wall​$3,050
​*Memorial permit/licence​$305
Attendance at burial
​Monday to Friday​$255
​Sunday and Public Holiday​$610
Interment of ashes and installation of plaque (including burial plot)
​Monday to Friday​$385
​Sunday and Public Holiday​$610
​*Pegging of plot for burial or memorial (if required)​$255
​*Application for Interment Right (new or renewed)​$153
​*Application for Transfer or Surrender of Interment Right​$153
​*Application for Burial​$153
​*Application for Interment of Ashes​$153
​*Application for Memorial Permit (new or amendment)​$153
​*Historical search, per hour​$43

*Fees include GST
Interment rights will not be charged for new or renewal burial plots in Adelaide Hills Council owned and managed cemeteries for those people who have received the distinguished services medals: Victoria Cross, Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, Royal Red Cross.