Health & Wellbeing
  • Last updated 20 Jul 2015

    Safe Drinking Water

    ​Safe drinking water is essential for our survival.  Maintaining a safer drinking water supply is therefore crucial to good health.

    The Safe Water Drinking Act 2011 aims to improve the pro...

  • Last updated 30 Oct 2018

    Whooping cough vaccination in the third trimester of pregnancy is the first step in protecting your baby against whooping cough.

  • Last updated 20 Jul 2015

    ​Legionella refers to a group of bacteria that are found in the environment.  Legionnaires' disease from water is usually caused by the species Legionella pneumophila.  Legionella pneumophila must be inhaled an...

  • Last updated 31 Jul 2018

    ​Noise Pollution
    The Environment Protection (Noise) Policy 2007 is administered by the EPA, however the Adelaide Hills Council is responsible for monitoring and regulating nuisance noise pollution such as that from domestic pre...

  • Last updated 20 Jul 2015

    ​Council's Environmental Health Officers have a responsibility to inspect 'public' swimming pools, spa pools and water slides to ensure compliance with the legislation and protect the community.

    Officers assess various aspects of a swim...