Cudlee Creek Fire

On Friday 20 December 2019 an uncontrolled fire broke out in Cudlee Creek.​ Over 25,000 hectares of the district was burned including homes, outbuildings, vehicles and other property. Recovery will be different for everyone, but as a district we understand that it will be a long process.

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Rates support
Planning and Building information
Support for small businesses
In the fire zone:
> Trees
> Waste
> Swimming pools after a fire

For an online summary of services for bushfire affected families, please visit the Department of Human Services website.


A letter has been sent to all residents affected by the Cudlee Creek Fire. The letter contains details about what to do if you are unable to pay your rates, and what happens to your rates if your property has been damaged. Below is a summary of key questions you may have.

What happens if I can't pay my rates?
If you are experiencing financial hardship and anticipate difficulty paying the next rate instalment notice, we will work with you to make alternative arrangements. Please contact Council's rates team on 8408 0400 to discuss this with them.

What happens to my rates if my property has been damaged?
The Office of the Valuer-General is revaluing all properties affected by the Cudlee Creek bushfires which will take into account the damage caused. The Valuer-General has also instructed Land Services SA (LSSA) to undertake amended values for this financial year.  Revaluations are relevant to any property damage brought about by the Cudlee Creek bushfire, where the value has been materially diminished.  For example this would include, but not limited to, properties where houses, major shedding and horticulture plantings are destroyed or significantly damaged. 

When will my rates change?
From 1 January 2020 your Council rates will be updated based on this revaluation.  It is the Office of the Valuer-General's priority to resolve any rate issues for affected property owners as soon as possible. Due to the widespread damage caused by bushfires in South Australia this process will take a number of months. We will be in touch as soon as we have more details.

Will I get a credit if my rates go down and I overpay now?
Yes. If your rates are revalued and your rates go down, any payment you have made between the event of the fire and the next rate instalment will be credited to your account. 

Where can I find out more information about the rate revaluation?
Call our team, we are here to help. You can contact us on 8400 0400 or email 

Please review our FAQs or contact our rates team on 8408 0400 to discuss any concerns or questions you have on this topic.

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Our Development Services Team is committed to assisting with recovery from the Cudlee Creek bushfire.

Click here for a fact sheet with an overview of what you need to know in regards to planning and development if your property has been affected by the fire.

Click here to download an application form to view or copy plans and building reports held by Council.

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Council has worked to clear over 1,000 trees in the fire scar zone to make access possible for our community. We're continuing to work on a process to return some of the suitable wood from clearance works to people in the community for winter burning purposes. More information on this to come when it is confirmed.

There are five stages to tree clearance during recovery that the community can look out for.

  1. Initial clearance: roads to be cleared of debris to allow people back to their properties.
    • Council achieved stage 1 by Christmas Eve 2019.
  2. First assessment: roadside trees are assessed by a qualified arborist for pruning or removal. Trees are marked with white paint (an X for removal or O for pruning).
  3. Primary works completed.
  4. Second assessment: roadside trees are assessed again by a qualified arborist to ensure any trees not identified for work in the first assessment are marked for further work.
  5. Final works completed.
For information on dealing with burnt native vegetation view this fact sheet on native vegetation and burnt trees.


A range of waste disposal options have been put together for fire-affected residents including green organics drop off days, tip vouchers and additional hard waste collections. For a full overview of available services, please visit the waste services page.


After a fire many backyard swimming pools may experience a build up of ash and debris, which affects the quality of water. Owners should be aware of how to best clean and maintain their pool to ensure its safety.

Click here for tips from pool and spa specialist network, Swimart.

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