Pre-School STEAM Space Kaleidoscope

​With Claire, Term 3 2019

kaleid 1 (Small).jpg

In this session we celebrated National Science Week by making a Space Kaleidoscope.

If you want to make one at home here is what you need to know.


· Kitchen roll cardboard tube

· Mirror card

· Clear plastic

· Opaque plastic (or clear with greaseproof paper on it)

· Black card

· Scissors, tape, pens

· Clear plastic beads and other glittery things

See the image below for how to assemble your kaleidoscope.

kaleidesope how to.jpg


The Science: Reflection

Kaleidoscopes work because the items inside reflect off the shiny mirror surfaces. Reflection is a great scientific principle to experiment with at home. Have fun experimenting.

Ideas: experiment with a mirror to understand reflections, mirror image and symmetry. Questions: What do you see? Is something backwards? Is what is in the mirror the same? Look in a puddle, what do you see? Can you an you child face each other and mirror each others gestures?

For more inspiration and ideas: