Virtual Reality


Thursday 4 July 2019.

Industry expert Steven Cook, a lecturer at the University of Adelaide, who specialises in immersive technology research and development, joined us at the Coventry Library, Stiring, to share the latest developments in the AR/VR sector.STEAM - ADULT EVENTS - IMAGES - Steven Cook Headshot (002)_0.jpg

Steven discussed many topics from the virtual recreation of real spaces in order to preserve history in an accessible way to the development of VR spaces with real physical feeback for training and education. 

Virtual Reality is an important aspect of technology to cover as the industry is booming with jobs in this area rapidly increasing.

Steven is also at the forefront of developing education programs at the Tertiary level.

After his talk we all enjoyed exploring the Augmented Reality exhibition created by students in our Weekly Wednesday STEAM class and trying a couple of different VR headsets. Everyone was having such a god time they didn't want to go home!

Many thanks to Steven Cook for his contribution to this great event and thanks to everyone who came along. AR display for email.jpg