Weekly Wednesdays Round Up

Each term in our Weekly Wednesday program we do something a little bit different.

Term 1 2020

This term we are focussing on programming.

For the first five weeks our focus has been on using Swift Playgrounds to learn the programming​ behind many of the apps we use on the iPhone.

Initially we worked to learn the basics of the programming language with a delightful litle fellow called Byte. This is a game-style, problem solving based approach that children really enjoy.

After getting a basic idea of how the programming language works we moved onto other 'playgrounds'. We experimented with a program that used maths equations to create a variety of circular patterns. We also explored how to edit a 'rock paper scissors' game, as well as a range of other playgrounds.

byte on playgrounds.jpg  playgrounds circles.jpg  playgrounds rock paper.png

In the second five weeks of term we will explore game making in Scratch that is played using a controller made with the Makey Makeys. Lots of great design thinking is required and high levels of creativity will be engaged in making a fun game and interface.

makey makey.jpg