Free Animal Management Education Program for the Adelaide Hills community

Adelaide Hills Council has engaged Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services to assist in developing and presenting a series of education sessions that will set our community​ up for success in pet and livestock management.

Four sessions are currently planned, with the first scheduled on 29 November to cover the topic of Pets and Livestock in Emergencies. The full proposed schedule includes the following topics and will be completely free to the community.


​Pets and Livestock in Emergencies

29 Nov 2018 Gumeracha

  • ​How pets and livestock react to stress
  • How animals may act in a bushfire situation
  • How to construct a bushfire plan that includes livestock, horses, and pets
​Barking Dogs
  • ​Why dogs bark
  • Simple solutions to reduce barking
  • Where to go for help
  • Understanding the difference between a training problem and a behaviour problem
​Dog Aggression / Attacks
  • ​Understanding possible reasons for dog aggression (is it always the owner's fault?)
  • How to manage aggression; understanding and preventing triggers
  • Understanding training and options to manage aggressive behaviours
​Cats: Nuisance vs Confinement
  • ​Understanding cat behaviour
  • How to make a confined cat content
  • Environment enrichment and reducing behavioural problems


Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services is the only clinic in South Australia dedicated to providing a service for the behavioural needs of animals. They were awarded the national Vet Practice of the Year in 2018.

Animal Management Education Program