Not connected to mains water?

Many townships and localities in the Adelaide Hills Council district do not have access to sewerage or mains water infrastructure. These properties rely on an onsite wastewater disposal system as well as bores, dams or wells for their water supply.

Wastewater systems in the hills generally have a life expectancy of about 30 years, after which they will no longer function as efficiently and may require replacement. This can pose a problem in areas without infrastructure as it is required that the wastewater disposal area is located 50m away from any bore, well, dam or water course likely to be used for domestic  purposes.    

If you live in an area without sewerage or mains water infrastructure and would like to know how replacing your wastewater system or selling your property may affect you, please contact our Environmental Health Team on 8408 0400 for advice. If you are selling your property we recommended you chat with us prior to any sale going through. This will avoid potential issues for the new property owner.

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News for residents not connected to the mains water system