Public Health Week 2019

When you hear the word 'public health', you might think of hospitals, medical care and sick people, but public health is what we do collectively to create the conditions and environments that support the wellbeing of everyone. Public health works behind the scenes to ensure residents in our community avoid illness and injury and have a better life.

Click here to download a handy infographic about ways public health impacts your day-to-day life.

At the local level, public health is everything Council does that protects and promotes community health and wellbeing; food premises are inspected, immunisations are delivered, and planning happens to create safe, well-used open spaces and community facilities.

Public health benefit is also delivered in our local libraries, well planned footpaths and cycle ways, a BMX track, playground, and dog park, walking trails, volunteering opportunities, work sheds, and connecting homes to local shops, schools, and businesses.  These are but a few examples of public health at work for our community – creating opportunities for healthy living, play and work.

The theme for Public Health Week 2019 was FIVE WAYS TO WELLBEING:

  1. CONNECT with others: your family, friends, and community
  2. BE ACTIVE: exercise, dance, play - move your mood
  3. TAKE NOTICE: be curious, and be aware of what is going on around you
  4. KEEP LEARNING: try something new; sign up for a course or a class
  5. GIVE your time, your presence, and your appreciation.

Our Community Centres and Libraries have lots of things happening year-round that would help you achieve many of these goals. You can also sign up to our monthly e-newsletter so you are always up to date with what's happening in the district, and check out volunteering opportunities with us or other organisations around the hills. Have fun!

Public Health Week 2019 ran from Monday 8 April to Friday 12 April.

Public Health Week 2019