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Protecting the Adelaide Hills' Rat Pack

​Our Biodiversity Team have been hard at work producing educational signs along the Aldgate Valley Creek and Cox Creek to alert visitors to a native resident in danger; the water rat, Rakali.

Rakali are distinctive by their waterproof coat, webbed feet, golden belly, and thick, white-tipped tail. They are also quite large, coming in at up to 40-50cm long. However, amongst other dangers such as loss of habitat and changes to creek flow, these little creatures are most at threat from the use of enclosed yabbie nets, particularly those of the 'Opera House' design.

Residents and visitors can help keep the Rakali safe by keeping waterways clear of rubbish and pollutants, containing or keeping an alert bell on their pets, and keeping Opera House yabbie nets out of our creeks and lakes.

Photo credit: Colin Phil Cook