Tea for two

​We all know that staying connected is very important during these times of social distancing, and a member of our community support team shared a beautiful story of connectivity that she heard during her regular work on the phone.

A Positive Ageing Centre member, Gwen, was surprised to hear her neighbour call over the fence that he had something for her in her front yard, but she headed there as requested.

What she found in her driveway was a chair and table set up with a pot of tea and a biscuit and, looking across to her neighbour's driveway, she saw that he had an identical set up for himself.

"Well, we have to be distanced, but we can still be social," he said.

Gwen reported that she enjoyed the sunshine and her tea, and they talked across the fenceline for nearly 45 minutes. She stated that the world felt "almost normal" during that time.

We would love to hear your stories of connections and kindness during these unusual times (email us or share your story direct to our community page), and we encourage you to find moments to check in with each other like Gwen and her neighbour.

If you are feeling blue in isolation, you can call the SA COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line on 1800 632 753.

A teapot on a verandah