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The Development Application Register is a record of development applications lodged in the last 12 months. It is updated every two weeks.

Click here to view the current DA Register.

To search the Register, hold down the Control (Ctrl) and F keys on your keyboard. This will open a search bar in the top right hand corner of the document.

If you have lodged an application in the last two weeks and cannot find it on the Register, please contact Council's Development Services Administration on (08) 8408 0400.

Application details (plans, submissions etc) can only be viewed at Council's Service Centres. Should you wish to obtain copies of these documents, proof of identity will be required in accordance with Regulation 34 of the Development Regulations (2008). A fee is also payable in accordance with the aforementioned Regulation.

Click here to view the current Category 2 and Category 3 development application notifications.