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Storms and Floods

Storms and flood damage can have lasting and widespread impact, not to mention a significant cost to recover, repair and rebuild. Like bushfires, it is important to adequately plan for such weather events and have a plan in place and ready to activate.

Flooding in Birdwood image

The Adelaide Hills region is prone to extremes — dry, fire danger days through one season, and fierce storms and flooding the next. For this reason residents are encouraged to remain prepared not only for bushfire, but also for severe storms and possible flooding.

Storms and flood damage in South Australia often has a higher average annual cost than bushfires, and you can be indirectly affected by storm damage if your usual access roads are inaccessible or you have no power or telephone.

​The best advice for storm and flood preparation and response comes from the State Emergency Service.

Looking after your pets

Pets are an important part of the family and they are equally, if not more, affected by storms in particular.

  • During a storm they could be frightened by thunder, lightning or heavy rain.
  • If a flood occurs they might need to be evacuated from their usual space.
  • During a heatwave they will need easy access to shade and cool water.

Make sure you include your pets in your emergency plan, and ensure they have a collar, registration tag and microchip in case you are separated from them.

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