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Australian Fire Danger Rating System

The Australian Fire Danger Rating System (AFDRS) has recently changed. It's important to know your daily Fire Danger Rating.

New fire rating graphic

On an 'Extreme' or 'Catastrophic' fire danger day, Council services may be closed if the fire danger rating is above 'Extreme 75' for the 'Mount Lofty Ranges' district. View the services that may be affected.

Australian Fire Danger Ratings

As of 1 September 2022, the Australian Fire Danger Rating System (AFDRS) has changed. The Adelaide Hills has been affected by many bushfires, so when in the Hills it's important for residents and visitors to be prepared.

The new Australian Fire Danger Rating System is your simplified survival tool. These ratings tell you how dangerous a bushfire could be if it broke out and what you need to do to stay safe.

The system now has four levels - moderate, high, extreme and catastrophic.

It also introduces a ‘no rating’ for days where no proactive action is required by a community. This means that any fires that start are less likely to move or act in a way that threatens the safety of the community.

Understand the new system

The AFDRS uses the latest technology and research to provide a more accurate and detailed prediction of fire behaviour and the potential threat to the community. It produces more accurate predictions of risk based on the various vegetation types in different areas.

Adopted across the country there will be nationally consistent colours and terminology, meaning wherever you are you’ll be able to understand the level of threat and what you need to do to stay safe.

Know your rating

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