Pets and Animals

All animals kept in the Adelaide Hills Council district must be managed in a healthy and considered way. To help you, Council issues guidelines for animal management. Our planning staff, Ranger Services and Environmental Health Officers are all involved in various aspects of animal management.

The new laws for cat and dog owners and breeders are designed to improve dog and cat management and welfare. Click here to read more about the dog and cat reforms and what you need to know.

Find out more information about the new registration discs for dogs by clicking here.

Animal Management Plan 2018-22
The Animal Management Plan outlines strategies for the management of dogs and cats as required of Councils under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995, as well as other animals of significance to the Adelaide Hills community. Click here to download a copy.

If you are keeping chickens, we recommend no roosters due to noise problems. Click here for more information on keeping poultry in the Adelaide Hills.

If you are thinking about keeping any livestock in a domestic residential area, please contact Council's planning staff.
Wild animals are usually best left alone. However, an injured animal can be helped, and specialist assistance can be given by Fauna Rescue SA.

Lost Dogs
Should your dog escape your yard or become lost, please contact our offices to make a report. Your details will be entered into the Lost Dog Register, which will assist us in identifying you as the owner, should the dog be found wandering at large. Please contact (08) 8408 0400 to report your lost dog.

Please also refer to our impounded dog page, to find out whether your dog may have been found and is waiting for you at the Adelaide Hills Council.