Council Documents

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Pursuant to section 45(1) of the Local Government Act 1999 (the Act), the Adelaide Hills Council has nominated the Stirling Service Centre, located at 63 Mount Barker Road Stirling, as the Council's Principal Office.

Various legislative provisions require certain registers codes and policies to be made available for public inspection from the Principal Office as follows:

Local Government Act 1999

​Chapter 3, Part 1, Division 2​Representation Review Report
​Section 43​Charters of Regional Subsidiaries
​Section 44​Register of Delegations
​Section 49​Contracts and Tenders (Procurement) Policy
​Section 50​Public Consultation Policy
​Section 63​Code of Conduct for Council Members (included in the Council Member Conduct Policy)
​Section 68​Council Member Register of Interests
​Section 77(1)(b) & 78​Council Members Allowance and Benefits Policy
​Section 79​Council Member Register of Allowances and Benefits
​Section 80A​Council Member Training and Development Policy
​Chapter 6, Parts 1-4​Council and Council Committee Agendas and Minutes
​Section 90(8)​Informal Council Gatherings Policy
​Section 92​Code of Practice for Access to Council and Council Committee Meetings and Documents
​Section 105​Council Employee Register of Salaries
​Section 110​Code of Conduct for Council Employees
​Section 122​Strategic Management Plans (Strategic Plan, Long-Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Plan)
​Section 123​Annual Business Plan and Budget
​Section 127​Financial Statements
​Section 131​Annual Report
​Section 174​Assessment Record
​Section 188​Fees and Charges
​Section 196​Community Management Plans
​Section 207​Community Land Register
​Section 219​Public Place and Road Naming Policy
​Section 231​Public Roads Register
​Section 252​By Laws
​Section 259​Order Making Policy
​Section 270​Internal Review of Council Decisions Policy


Local Government (Elections) Act 1999

​Part 14​Campaign Donation Returns prepared by candidates

Local Government (Procedures at Meetings) Regulations 2013

​Regulation 6​Code of Practice for Meeting Procedures

Freedom of Information Act 1991

​Section 9​Information Statement

Many of the above documents are available on Council's website.

While reasonable endeavours are made to have these documents available at all of Council's Service Centres, there may be a delay in their provision while staff access these documents. Where permissible by legislation, copies of these documents will also be provided to the public upon request, and upon payment of a fee in accordance with the Council's Schedule of Fees and Charges at Council Services Centres.

If you have queries about these documents, these can be most effectively addressed in person at Council's Principal Office, or to or PO Box 44 Woodside SA 5244.