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Council Fees

Some Council services and facilities may attract a fee or charge which may be statutory or discretionary but permitted under the Local Government Act 1999. Fees and charges are reviewed annually as part of the budget preparation process.

The Local Government Act 1999 empowers a council to impose fees and charges for various services and facilities, either as part of its statutory functions or on a discretionary basis.

Fees and charges, other than those prescribed by any Act or Regulation in respect of a particular matter, may be fixed, varied or revoked by by-law or by resolution of Council.

We review discretionary fees and charges annually as part of our annual budget preparation process. The register identifies any charges that attract a Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Section 188(6) of the Act provides for the Council to keep a list of fees and charges imposed under this Section on public display at the principal office of the Council. This document is the record of fees and charges for public display for the Adelaide Hills Council.

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