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Consultations and Engagement

Your views, ideas and suggestions are important to local decision making and help shape the future of the Adelaide Hills Council area.

Stirling Library Lawn Co-Design Group Consultation

Participating in local decision making is easy with Hills Voice: Community Engagement Hub — an online space to join the conversation, share your ideas and for us to let you know how your input has influenced what we do.

Community Engagement Principles

When engaging the community in a decision-making process, Council promises to:

  • Seek out and encourage contributions from people who may be affected by or interested in a decision
  • Provide relevant, timely and balanced information so people can contribute in a meaningful way
  • Provide a variety of appropriate and accessible ways for people to have their say
  • Actively listen so that people's ideas and input assist in making the final decision
  • Consider the needs and interests of people in the decision making process
  • Inform the community about the final decision and how their input was considered.

These principles are based on the Core Values for the Practice of Public Participation as outlined by the International Association for Public Participation.

Participate in local decision making

There are more than 50 townships and suburbs in the Adelaide Hills Council area, spread across 795km2 and accommodating a population of nearly 40,000.

Reaching our wide and diverse community can present some challenges but with an easy-to-use online engagement platform we provide additional exciting and accessible opportunities for our community to engage with us.

Hills Voice: Community Engagement Hub is an online platform where you can stay informed about projects, strategies, upgrades and much more. You can contribute your ideas, share your concerns and participate in surveys, discussion forums and quick polls on a range of topics.

One-time registration is easy and will provide you access to participate in a range of consultations. Be sure to include your areas of interest and township so we can send you location and topic specific feedback opportunities.

To view current consultations and for updates on how your feedback has influenced a decision or outcome, visit our online consultation hub, Hills Voice: Community Engagement Hub.

Community Forums

Community forums are an excellent way of putting forward your point of view, creating change for the future and hearing what other members of the community think about issues that are important to you.

With the objective of improving engagement and communication by creating a safe space for open discussion about emerging local issues, community forums enable the Council, community and other organisations to set and work collaboratively towards goals for the region.

If you'd like a forum in your local community, please email your suggestion using the link below.

Customer Experience Surveys

To help us understand our customers' experiences, and identify ways to improve our services, we regularly survey our customers.

If you have called us via our main phone number (8408 0400) you may receive a text message with a request to complete a survey about your experience. If you have made a request or reported an issue, you may receive an email. The survey can be easily completed in one minute and your personal details will not be collected.

The survey seeks feedback on customer satisfaction, the ease with which you found your interaction, whether your reason for contacting us was resolved, and how helpful or knowledgeable our staff were. This helps us to highlight any areas where we can improve service to our customers.

If you receive a text message or email asking you to complete a survey, you will have the opportunity to help us improve our service to the community. We look forward to seeing the results.

More information

To discuss how you can participate in Council's range of consultations and engagement, please contact Sarah Hill.

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