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Implementation of the Community and Recreation Facilities Framework commenced on 1 July 2023. This page provides more details on what the new Management Services Agreements mean for each hall.

Aldgate village hall

Project background

Council developed a new Sport & Recreation Strategy in 2016.

The document acknowledged that there are significant amounts of improvements to be made regarding community, sport and recreation asset provision and management.

As a result, an equitable and sustainable position that encourages a new way of working with clubs was developed. This new way of operating, between Council and Community Halls, is called the Community & Recreation Facilities Framework.

The Framework is reflected in Council’s Strategic Plan (2020-2024) as well as Council’s Annual Business Plan (2023-24).

There’s a handy video on our engagement page which explains the need for the Community Recreation Facilities Framework further.

We are eager to hear any feedback that you have about the draft Management Services Agreement for your hall.

Please feel free to call, email or make a catch-up time so we can listen to any ideas or concerns you have. It’s important for us to hear your feedback so we can make sure that we understand how the agreements sit with you, and so we can work towards making changes that work for you and the Council.

We encourage you to get in touch by calling the Property Department via 8408 0400 or email

What feedback are we looking for?

  • What is concerning to you?
  • What sits well for you?
  • What do you want us to change?
  • Anything else you’d like us to know about draft Management Services Agreement?

Aim of the Community and Recreation Facilities Framework

The Community and Recreation Facilities Framework aims for community, recreation, and sport facilities (Community and Council owned) to:

  • be safe and accessible to our whole community
  • be appropriately planned, managed and developed
  • receive equitable support from Council
  • have a consistent quality and standard of contribution towards maintenance or upgrade of community facilities which is appropriate for community use
  • have planned and programmed asset management and maintenance of all Council owned sites with obligations reflected in service management agreements, leases and licenses or funding agreements where applicable

The Community and Recreation Facilities Framework also aims to facilitate a clear position and process for community owned sites to access support from Council.

Overall this enables Council resourcing and funding for the maintenance or development or upgrade of community, recreation and sport facilities to be allocated and delivered with equity and transparency.

Core documents for Community and Recreation Facilities Framework

Changes hall committees can expect to see

Outcomes of the Community and Recreation Facilities Framework and its ongoing implementation will:

  • Help committees plan for the future by having clear obligations and arrangements for Council and community groups, clubs, and associations
  • Improve equity in Council resourcing and support between Council and community owned facilities
  • Allocate and spend of Council resources in accordance with agreed priorities and approved service levels and ensure ongoing safety of facilities
  • Improve standard of facilities over time for the community

Each hall will receive a tailored Management Service Agreement. The table below provides a snapshot of the changes for each type of hall ownership.

Key changes halls can expect Council owned halls Community owned halls
Building insurance Paid by the Council Grant can be accessed for contribution to building insurance (application must be made)
Payment for contents, public liability, and association insurances Responsibility of association Responsibility of association
Annual reporting of AGM minutes, financials, certificate of incorporation (only if changes/ made to constitution are made), advertising program, hire agreement / list of charges, maintenance and OHSW checklist and bushfire safety check YES YES
Operational costs such as toilet cleans and electricity are paid by the hall committee YES YES
Council to promote halls available for hire YES YES

Consultation undertaken to date

These new arrangements were developed as a result of the contributions made to the Community and Recreation Facilities Framework consultation undertaken between 2020 and 2021.

Thank you to all of your contributions in the consultation process, we really appreciate the time you took to meet with us and provide feedback.

This aim of the consultation was so that Council could gather all the relevant information to help shape the way that we work with and manages facilities in the future.

We asked you to tell us about:

  • Your current experience with community and recreational facilities
  • Map what you like about the community, recreation and sporting places you visit and any suggestions for improvements

All community groups who occupy a community facility in the region were invited to participate in the consultation survey via email. In addition, the consultation process was promoted via 16 signs being placed around the district at various ovals, halls etc. advising of the consultation.

Follow up emails were sent out in late July 2020 to remind clubs and associations to fill in the survey. In early August 2020 Council staff made follow up phone calls to those groups that were yet to respond to the consultation. In addition, text messages were also sent to all groups within the region, referencing the consultation and reminding them of the importance to provide their feedback.

This stage of the consultation provided groups with the opportunity to view and comment on the draft Community and Recreation Facilities Framework via a survey available on Council’s website.

The draft Community and Recreation Facilities Framework was developed based upon feedback gathered in stage of consultation. A consultation summary report, acknowledging all feedback from stage two was made available in July 2022.

Both stage one and stage two consultation processes targeted community groups, site users and the general community.

Stage one and two process were promoted via the methods listed below:

  • Posters and information packs available at Council’s Service Centres and Libraries
  • Notices posted on Council’s website, via social media, outgoing email footer, digital TV screens in Libraries, Hills Voice e-newsletter and local services mobile phone app
  • Promotion in the ‘Courier’ Council Column on 1 September 2021 and Adelaide Hills Herald on 2 September 2021
  • Additional Facebook and Twitter posts to promote and remind people to participate
  • Roadside signage across the district at local asset locations (oval, halls, etc.)
  • Email to Council Engagement Hub registrants and previous consultation participants
  • Email notice to sporting clubs and associations – including Ad for newsletters, option to print flyers and links to do survey online
  • Additional display materials at Libraries to promote and encourage feedback.

Following stage two of the consultation process, staff facilitated meetings with the key working group stakeholders and offered meetings to any groups in the region that sought clarification on Community and Recreation Facilities Framework impacts for their site. There were a total of 100 Participants providing feedback.

Eight groups took this opportunity to meet with Council staff. Throughout the process, Council Members engaged with the project via Working Group meetings, workshops, and email updates. The final draft of the Community and Recreation Facilities Framework was presented to Council for their endorsement on 23rd August 2022.

Frequently asked questions

If you are a Council owned community hall, you can either continue with your agreement until it expires, or you are able to choose to bring your agreement to an end and enter into a new Management Services Agreement. The new agreements will clearly define your non-structural maintenance obligations and councils’ annual structural maintenance program and asset plan for the facility.

Yes, Council has committed to a review of the Community Recreation Facilities Framework after 18 months (late 2024/ early 2025) and we will be working closely with Lease, Licence and Management Service Agreement holders and Landowners throughout that period to seek feedback and shape potential changes.

Council will be holding meetings with Association and Landowner groups from February 2024. At these meetings Council will work through an overview of all key information with discussions encouraged to ensure details are clear for both parties.

Associations will be able to apply to the Facility Maintenance Fund for funding to undertake urgent, high risk non-structural works where the Association can demonstrate that works are required to meet legislative or community safety needs and the Association provides evidence that it is unable to finance those works. Community and Council owned halls will be able to apply to the Facility Maintenance Fund.

Council as per previous agreements will be responsible for structural building maintenance, renewal and upgrades in accordance with Council asset management plans and capital works program; and the association or community group are responsible for all other maintenance and repairs. Building insurance will be taken out by the Council with associations required to pay for their contents, public liability, and association insurances.

The change will ensure that structural works required to buildings will be programmed annually in accordance with their associated plans.

There are a number of Council managed granting programs available to Hall.

Funding available / frequencyCouncil owned hallsCommunity owned halls
Community Recreation Facility Grants Program – every two yearsYESYES
Community Grants Program – every two yearsYESYES
Newly established Facility Maintenance Fund Program – as required by the hallYESYES
Building insurance contribution grant - year round as per the grant contribution guidelinesAlready paid by CouncilYES
Minor grants – year roundYESYES
Minor grants – year roundYESYES

Hall committee annual reporting includes:

  • AGM minutes
  • Financials (audited)
  • Certificate of incorporation (only if changes/ made to constitution are made)
  • Advertising program (how you promote the halls use for the general public)
  • Copy of current hire application / list of charges for hall users
  • Maintenance and OHSW checklist and bushfire safety check (a copy is provided in the Management Service Agreement)

Council will support committees through this process.

Your feedback is valued - use this form to provide comments

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