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Council Yabby 'Swap Net' Program Returns Monday 26 February

Council's yabby 'Swap Net' program returns to promote wildlife-friendly fishing.

Enclosed yabby nets on grass

Council Yabby 'Swap Net' Program Returns Monday 26 February

Note: All stocks have been used and this program has now completed.

In response to the ban on opera house yabby nets in all South Australian waters since July 1, 2023, the Adelaide Hills Council is relaunching its successful 'Swap Net' program.

The programs starts Monday 26 February, until stocks are depleted.

Following an overwhelming response to the first initiative, the Council aims to further support local recreational fishers in transitioning away from opera house-style nets.

The 'Swap Net' program facilitates the exchange of opera house nets for the environmentally conscious and wildlife-friendly yabby net design.

Recognising the risks posed to local wildlife, including Platypus, Turtles, and Rakali (native water rats), the council has been a staunch advocate for these changes.

To participate in the proactive 'Swap Net' program, residents can exchange opera house nets for the wildlife-friendly 'drop-net yabby pot' design which includes two rings and a float.

The Council intends to swap out 160 nets on this occasion, with a limit of five nets per person. Two convenient pickup locations have been designated at the Heathfield Depot and the Gumeracha Library.

Emphasising the commitment to environmental responsibility, swapped opera house nets will be recycled, contributing to sustainable fishing practices in the region. The initiative aims to protect the local ecosystem while ensuring a smooth transition for the fishing community.

View the accepted yabby nets below

Yabby net infographic with accepted styles and banned styles

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