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Stirling Mount Lofty Golf Estate and Resort Development

Information on the redevelopment proposal to build new tourist accommodation, golf club facilities, provide a retail and café space, and improve the golf course at the Stirling Golf Club.

Stirling Mount Lofty Golf Estate and Resort render

Project Overview

The Stirling Mount Lofty Golf Estate and Resort proposal centers on the redevelopment of the Stirling Golf Club. The project encompasses several key components:

  1. Tourist Accommodation: This involves the construction of new tourist accommodations within a hotel building and private retreats known as "pods."
  2. Clubhouse and Facilities: The project includes the establishment of a modern clubhouse facility, pro-shop, administration areas, and change rooms.
  3. Golf Course Enhancement: The proposal outlines plans for the retention and improvement of the existing 18-hole golf course.
  4. Heritage Conservation: The project involves the conservation and adaptive reuse of a local heritage site to house a multipurpose café, retail space, and function area.
  5. Parking Infrastructure: The plan includes the creation of approximately 200 parking spaces across two designated areas.
  6. Landscaping and Tree Management: The proposal addresses associated landscaping, including tree removal (and native vegetation) where necessary.

PlanSA Documents

Council Submissions

Assessment Stages

Project Classification

The proposal has been classified as a 'Major Development' due to its scale and scope. This classification triggers a comprehensive assessment process led by the applicant. This assessment takes the form of a detailed Development Report (DR).

Applicant's Preparation and Public Comment Period

Mount Lofty Golf Estate Pty Ltd (the Applicant) has completed the Development Report (DR), which was made available for public comment from July 5, 2023, to August 16, 2023. To ensure transparency and public participation, two public hearings were convened on July 25, 2023, at the Bridgewater Sports and Social Club.

Response Document and State Planning Commission Review

Post the public comment phase, the applicant will create a response document addressing the matters arising from public feedback, as well as inputs from the Adelaide Hills Council and relevant agencies. The State Planning Commission (SPC) will then assess a draft Assessment Report.

Ministerial Consideration

Upon finalisation and endorsement of the SPC Assessment Report, it will be presented to the Minister for Planning for consideration and decision-making.

This process embodies a meticulous approach to evaluating the proposal's merits and potential impacts, and it highlights the significance of informed decision-making in urban planning and development.

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