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Firey Women Paracombe

A series of free bushfire safety workshops for women offered over four evening sessions.

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Firey Women Paracombe

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Firey Women Paracombe

A series of free bushfire safety workshops for women offered over four evening sessions, Wednesday 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st July. Please note your attendance is required at all sessions to receive the full benefit.

We have developed this workshop to provide women with a safe non-threatening setting to learn new skills to protect their families and livelihoods.

Workshop topics include:

  • Preparing yourself emotionally
  • Understanding the new bushfire danger ratings and warnings
  • Deciding when to "leave early" or "stay and defend"
  • Preparing a Bushfire Survival Plan
  • Identifying hazards around the home
  • Operating pumps and firefighting equipment
  • Bushfire behaviour
  • Preventing injury

These award-winning workshops cover both information and practical sessions over two days or four evenings.

View the workshop flyer.

I made the decision to leave as soon as I realised the fire was heading this way. The Firey Women course helped me make the decision. I felt so empowered and in control.

— Roxanne - Yorke Peninsula

Why a program for women?

Research has shown that:

  • There are differences in skills, knowledge, experience, roles and behaviours between men and women in regard to bushfire
  • Those with fire fighting skills (generally men) are either fighting the fire or protecting the larger property / neighbourhood / district
  • People are generally poorly prepared for bushfires
  • Many people are unaware of what to do and how to be prepared
  • Many people underestimate the risk and over estimate their capacity
  • Women and children are more likely to evacuate. Late evacuations are a major cause of death and injury
  • Most people do not plan for a bushfire, nor do they expect one
  • Women and children make up a large percentage of people killed by bushfires


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