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Learn how to be a Dungeon Master

Learn the basics of being a Dungeon Master this school holidays, from running a campaign to developing drama skills for your NPC's.

Dungeons And Dragons

Learn how to be a Dungeon Master

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Being a Dungeon Master (DM) in Dungeons & Dragons is a creative and rewarding role where you guide players through adventures in a fantasy world.

Here are some basic concepts and tips for aspiring Dungeon Masters:

  • Know the rules
  • Prepare a campaign
  • Create a dynamic world
  • Balance challenge and fun
  • Understand player characters (PCs)
  • Improvise
  • Manage pacing
  • Set the atmosphere
  • Be a facilitator, not an adversary
  • Encourage role-playing
  • Use props and visual aids
  • Know when to say "yes" and "no"
  • Keep the story engaging
  • Have fun!

As you gain experience, you'll develop your style and techniques as a Dungeon Master. Don't be afraid to experiment and learn from each session.

Ages 10+


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