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Recovery Ready Halls Information Session Online

Join an online information session on 'Recovery Ready Halls' funding for facilities managed by community groups to purchase and install amenities and equipment to create post-disaster recovery support hubs.

Piccaddilly Hall

Recovery Ready Halls Information Session Online

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Join an information session on 'Recovery Ready Halls' funding.

The Recovery Ready Halls funding opportunity will be available for not-for-profit community organisations in the Adelaide Hills Council area that manage community facilities.

The program will support the purchase and installation of amenities and equipment that will assist community facilities to be used as 'community support hubs' after a disaster or emergency.

Community support hubs can assist the community with basic needs once the threat of the emergency has passed, including water, electricity, first aid, shelter, and information. Some communities may choose to offer further comfort like refreshments, soap and hot water.

Community Support Hubs need to reflect local needs and the capacity of the community to coordinate them.

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