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RediCommunities Workshops Bridgewater

Bridgewater RediCommunities workshop to assist the community to prepare for future emergencies.

RediCommunities Workshops

RediCommunities Workshops Bridgewater

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About the project:

The RediCommunities Project, facilitated by the Australian Red Cross, is designed to unite communities in identifying priorities, taking action at the local level, and preparing for future emergencies over a series of five workshops.

Supported by Preparing Australian Communities (PAC) and in partnership with the Australian Red Cross, this project will actively engage a minimum of eight communities to participate in RediCommunities Project.

The project's workshops are strategically designed to create a shared understanding of a community's needs and strengths in the face of emergencies, including recognising local hazards, challenges, and priorities. These workshops are designed to foster action and ensure that an action plan is developed by the community. This plan outlines how the community can be better prepared for future emergencies, including those that go beyond bushfires, and the recovery processes that follow.

By empowering communities to take ownership of their preparedness and recovery, the RediCommunities Project supports communities to be better equipped to handle future crises and cultivate greater resilience.


  • Saturday 13 January 2024
  • 9 am to 1 pm
  • Bridgewater Hall, 1 Carey Gully Road Bridgewater

Are you the person we want to come along?

If you live or work in Uraidla and Summertown, we want you to come a long! Every member of community has something to contribute and is important. We value your voice, ideas and perspectives.

New to the area?

Building relationships with neighbours is critical for effective disaster response and contributes to a culture of shared responsibility. By engaging with the community, new residents can establish a sense of belonging and connection that will be invaluable during and after a disaster. By learning about local risks and hazards and participating in preparedness activities, you can help ensure yourself and community are ready for emergencies.

Ongoing support:

Adelaide Hills Council Community Resilience Officers will provide follow-up support to each community to activate their plans and maintain momentum. Participants will also be invited to join the Community Led Disaster Resilience Network, which brings together communities from across the state to share ideas and resources.

Feedback from other RediCommunities participants:

It can be challenging to galvanise a group of people to work towards the same goals, but community connectedness is at the heart of this program. Residents have a role to play just as much as the services that will come to assist in an emergency.

The people of Kangarilla are doing the work in advance so they are prepared to make decisions and take action should an emergency arise. It's amazing to see how the Kangarilla community has broadened its awareness about the various things that can happen in an emergency. There's a lot of local knowledge held in the community and the project is capturing it for everyone's benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

The RediCommunities Project is designed for targeted communities to be better prepared for future disasters or emergencies. The project recognises the importance of acting at a local level to develop preparedness and recovery action plans.

By working closely with communities, the RediCommunities Project can help identify and address the specific needs and vulnerabilities of each community. This can involve conducting risk assessments, identifying potential hazards, and developing customised preparedness plans that consider the unique characteristics of the community, including its geography, demographics, and existing infrastructure.

The RediCommunities Project has been strategically designed to provide a series of workshops that build upon each other, as this approach can help participants develop a comprehensive understanding of the topics being covered. However, it's also understandable that not everyone may be able to attend all workshops due to scheduling conflicts or other reasons.

To address this, workshop documents and updates are available on the engagement page, so that those who are unable to attend can still stay informed about what was discussed and achieved.

Workshop documents and updates are available on the engagement page, so that those who are unable to attend can still stay informed about what was discussed and achieved.

Children are very welcome to attend. At times we may be able to arrange a Volunteer to provide child friendly activities however this cannot be guaranteed. We will communicate with you if a Volunteer will be present.

We encourage you to bring along some toys etc. for your little ones to play with and we will do our best to accommodate them and keep them happy.

A very important question! Yes, we will provide a light meal. Please let us know if you have allergies or dietary requirements we need to cater for.


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