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School Holidays - StarLab Planetarium

Come on a journey through space in SciWorld's state-of-the-art mobile planetarium!

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School Holidays - StarLab Planetarium

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StarLab Milky Way Planetarium

Recommended ages 5+

To be held in the Gumeracha Town Hall, come on a journey through space in SciWorld's state-of-the-art mobile planetarium!

Looking from Earth, we will watch as asteroids and comets soar through the sky, children will discover how to navigate using the stars and learn how Indigenous Australians used the stars for timekeeping. They will discover why Antarctica sometimes experiences 24 hours of daylight and six months later, night will last for 24 hours.

After we blast off, we will visit the International Space Station (ISS), have a close look at our moon and visit each of the planets in our solar system. We will even watch the Sun rise and set on Mars.

We will then take you on a journey past the outside of our solar system, to look at our place in our galaxy, the Milky Way. We will explore nebulae and learn how stars are born. Children will be taken to a huge collection of fascinating places in space. The sky is not the limit anymore!

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