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Summer Cherry Fest

Experience the joy of cherry season in the Adelaide Hills by handpicking your own cherries from family farms.

Summer Cherry Festival Cherries

Summer Cherry Fest

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Experience the joy of cherry season in the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu by seizing the opportunity to either handpick your own cherries or gather freshly picked ones from family farms.

Family farms, specialising in cultivating cherries as a summer delight, welcome visitors to partake in the cherry experience.

Half of these farms provide the Pick Your Own cherry experience, equipping you with the necessary tools and insider knowledge before guiding you and your family to their orchards for a natural and flavorful adventure.

Farm Gate sales are also available at select orchards, offering meticulously selected cherries for you to collect and enjoy for yourself or use as Christmas gifts.

All of this amidst the breathtaking views and other attractions of the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu.

Summer Cherry Festival Map

The Cherry Growers Association of South Australia host a 'Summer Cherry Fest Map', showing the location of where you can buy cherries from packing shed doors or pick your own cherry locations. The map also describes all the other things you can buy or do at each of the orchards. Visit the link below.

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