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'TED' Talk with Ted Setnikar

Join author and AHC volunteer Ted Setnikar as he talks about his book 'The Lacemaker's Son', Ted's own personal biography.

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'TED' Talk with Ted Setnikar

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During Writer’s Week, join Ted Setnikar, author of ‘The Lacemaker’s Son’. Ted was just four years old when his father sold him for two litres of schnapps and a handful of cigarettes. Living in servitude, he learned that most people were cruel and comfort could be found only in the company of animals and the seclusion of nature. As a youth, Ted dreamed of waking in a distant land with the freedom to decide his own fate. As a man, it became clear that survival was not enough. To have true freedom, he would have to face his tormentors. Only then could he truly begin to live. All proceeds from sales of 'The Lacemaker's Son' have been donated to the Hutt St Centre, a frontline organisation working for the homeless and disadvantaged in Ted's adopted hometown of Adelaide.

Ted will talk about his book and allow time for questions with morning tea provided. Books will be available for purchase with all proceeds going to the Hutt St Centre.


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