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Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles and illegally parked vehicles may be towed and impounded by Adelaide Hills Council when all other efforts to locate the owner have failed.

Burnt out vehicle image

Adelaide Hills Council may tow a vehicle if:

  • A complaint has been received about that vehicle; and
  • Council establishes that the vehicle has not moved for 24 hours.

If you have left your vehicle parked illegally, Adelaide Hills Council inspectors or police can arrange for it to be towed if they believe it is:

  • a danger to other road users;
  • likely to cause traffic congestion; and/or
  • likely to obstruct access to a property.

Vehicles will only be impounded as a last resort, after all efforts have been made to locate the owner and have them remove the vehicle.

More information and to report abandoned vehicles

If you wish to report a vehicle that may have been abandoned, or if you believe your vehicle has been removed, please contact Adelaide Hills Council Rangers.

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