Customer Experience Surveys

To help us understand our customers' experiences, and identify ways to improve our services, we're piloting a new customer survey.

If you have called us via our main phone number (8408 0400) you may receive a text message with a request to complete a survey about your experience. The survey can be easily completed in one minute and your personal details will not be collected.

The survey seeks feedback on customer satisfaction, the ease with which you found your interaction, whether your reason for calling was resolved, and how helpful or knowledgeable our staff were. This helps us to highlight any areas where we can improve service to our customers.

Similar surveys have been conducted in the past over the phone, and we hope that this new online survey option will help us reach even more people.

If you receive a text message asking you to complete a survey, you will have the opportunity to help us improve our service to the community. We look forward to seeing the results.