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Meet Kyle and Sterre

Age is not a barrier to volunteer with Council. Kyle and Sterre are two valued members of our Youth Advisory Committee and are both passionately leading the charge in developing opportunities for Hills youth to participate in Hills life.

Kyle - Youth Volunteers
Sterre - Youth Volunteers

Kyle and Sterre — Youth volunteers

Music is the key to Kyle's volunteering so it helps that he plays guitar and drums and loves to jam.

He got involved in Council's Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) over four years ago through friends and is now involved in organising Woodside Jams where young musicians can get together and collaborate.

"We play any type of music and sometimes it might be a performance or at other times it's just young people getting together and jamming."

There are lots of talented young musicians in the Hills and Woodside Jams gives them a platform to share and perform.

"I get involved in mentoring the new participants if they are interested and as I'm studying for my Master of Teaching it is good to put some of the theory into practise."

The purpose of YAC is to engage with young people in the Adelaide Hills area give them opportunities to connect, learn and have fun. Kyle says it can be a challenge getting people to come along for the first time to a jam or event, but he's found that once the music starts everyone is happy.

"It's interesting to reflect on what I've gained from being involved with YAC as aside from the personal satisfaction of organising an event and seeing young people collaborate, there are opportunities for training in things like leadership, communication and first aid."

It's wonderful to have young people volunteering in the Hills and no doubt Kyle is going to make a fantastic music teacher one day.

Sterre is one of YAC's youngest volunteers and although she is busy with school, soccer, dance, tennis and volleyball (to name a few) she loves to try and do everything, so getting involved with YAC wasn't a big step.

You'll find Sterre helping at events, behind the BBQ or at Woodside jams. Pretty much, whatever is going on and if she can fit it in, Sterre puts her hand up.

"I like organising and planning stuff and it was fun getting creative with the decorations for the YAC Quiz night."

"It's also nice meeting the other volunteers and although I'm one of the youngest, I don't feel like it. I wanted to join earlier but I had to wait until I turned 12."

Lucky for YAC that Sterre is bringing all that energy and enthusiasm to the team!

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