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Social Singers

Kick off the week with great vibes and some fun with music, all are welcome.

Woman singing into microphone.

Social Singers

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Elevate your Monday evenings with the joy of music at Social Singers, a welcoming and lively sing-along gathering at the heart of the Torrens Valley Community Centre.

Unleash your inner songbird and join us for an evening of harmonious camaraderie, where every voice, regardless of experience, is not only welcome but celebrated!

Whether you're a seasoned vocalist or someone who just loves to sing tunes in the shower, this is the perfect space to let loose and have a good time. No auditions, no pressure—just a casual and fun-filled environment where the love of music takes center stage.

Immerse yourself in a diverse selection of songs that cater to various tastes and preferences. From classic hits to contemporary favorites, our Social Singers repertoire ensures there's something for everyone. Feel the positive energy as you connect with fellow music enthusiasts, forging new friendships and creating memorable musical moments together.

Join us in transforming Monday into a day filled with laughter, melody, and community spirit. Let the music bring us all together at the Torrens Valley Community Centre for Social Singers.


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