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Shelter Sculpture

Located at the Lewis Yarlupurka O’Brien Reserve in Woodforde, Shelter by Nicholas Uhlmann depicts the hollowed out bole of an old river redgum

Shelter Sculpture

Shelter Sculpture


The sculpture, titled ‘Shelter’, visually depicts the hollowed out bole of an old river redgum. Metaphorically, the work expresses the gaining of wisdom through trials across a lifetime and being able to stay present and offer shelter and nurturance for those more vulnerable.

The sculpture has resonated with a diverse audience, having won the People's Choice Award at the Heysen Sculpture Biennial in 2016, and overall winner at the Outdoor Brighton Jetty Sculpture Show in 2023.

This award-winning sculpture is leased to the Adelaide Hills Council for three years and resides Lewis Yarlupurka O’Brien Reserve at Woodforde.

This work is close to my heart as it was an expression of being a strong and present parent throughout a difficult episode.

I believe this work has proven itself in the public realm and I would love for it to be placed within the community and natural environment in which I have spent the last 45 years.

— Sculptor Nicholas Uhlmann


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