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The Red Shed

A community shed where you can work on your own project, have a go at repairing your broken items, or join in a community project in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

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The Red Shed

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Step into the heart of community spirit at The Red Shed in Uraidla!

The Red Shed is not just a community shed; it's a vibrant space where anyone can come together to talk, design, and bring new projects to life using an array of donated tools and appliances. Residents are not only welcome but encouraged to bring their own projects to the Shed, where the collective wisdom and suggestions of other attendees enrich the creative process.

Whether you're delving into your individual projects, mastering the art of repairing beloved items, or contributing your skills to a shared community initiative, The Red Shed provides a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all. All levels of skills are not only welcome but celebrated, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can feel comfortable and supported.

We believe that well-being encompasses various facets of life, and being part of The Red Shed provides a safe environment where you can discover many of these elements while embracing the timeless spirit of camaraderie.

Beyond the workshop benches, The Red Shed is a place where connections flourish. Our members, come from diverse backgrounds, butshare a common desire for meaningful activities and genuine connections. Whether you're engaging in a project, tackling a repair challenge, or simply enjoying a friendly chat over a cuppa, our community shed is the ideal setting.

Join us at The Red Shed in Uraidla, and immerse yourself in the joy of purposeful engagement, a sense of community, and the enduring camaraderie that defines our space.


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