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Employment at Council

employees. On this page Diversity and Inclusion Partnership with the National Disability Recruitment Coordinator How to apply for a job at Council Application, interview and commencement support


Centrelink payment? Yes. If you receive an allowance such as Job Seeker from Centrelink that provides an option to do volunteer work to qualify for your payments, we can generally help you meet all

Economic Profile

to the country. Key economic indicators for the region include: Gross Regional Product: $1.5 billion (1.37% of the South Australian economy) Population: 39,977 Local jobs: 9,834 Largest employing sector

Disability Support and Programs

. Women's and Children's Health Network — Disability services MyTime MyTime Aldgate atWork Australia atWork Australia work with people with disability and employers to get the right people into the right jobs. They provide Disability Employment Services (DES) in Aldgate. atWork Australia


and important news below. Council meetings Reconciliation Meet your Council Apply for a job Contact Us We welcome you to contact our service centres, libraries and community centres in person, over

Disability Rights

in Australia. It is against the law to discriminate against people with disability in many areas of public life, including: Employment or jobs Education Buying things and using services Playing sport

UNESCO World Heritage Bid

new jobs and boost household income by $94 million. Potential social, cultural and environmental benefits In addition to the potential economic benefits to agriculture, wine and food production

Grants Case Studies

Club A smashing grant win is within reach With the help of a Community Development Grant of $2,450 the Woodside Tennis Club now has amazing new kitchen equipment, blinds and a fresh paint job

News and Events

, has seen our reputation throughout the industry grow into a very successful mobile business. We come to you; our customers love that there is no downtime on the job, they don’t have to organise

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