Service Standards and Complaints

Our Commitment to You
We aim to consistently deliver excellent service. We do this by being available, helpful, empathetic, responsive and reliable.

Our Service Standards
Keeping our community informed and being responsive to enquiries and requests is a key priority for us, and that's why we commit to standard timeframes for all of the services we provide.

Here's what you can expect from us:

  • We will respond to written correspondence within seven days of receipt
  • We will answer your call straight away in most instances but if we can’t we will call you back within one day
  • We will provide up to date and relevant content on our website
  • We provide access to our services at a variety of locations
Roads and Potholes​We will resolve high-risk road hazards and potholes within 1 day
Footpaths​We will resolve high-risk trip hazard footpaths within 1 day
Trees​We will resolve high-risk/hazardous trees within 1 day
Stormwater​We will resolve high-risk/hazardous stormwater pits within 1 day
Infrastructure​We will resolve enquiries about low risk trees, footpaths, road repairs and blocked stormwater pits within 20 days*
​Rubbish & Recycling​We will collect missed domestic bins within 2 days*
​Planning & Building​We will approve fast track Development Applications within 20 days from lodgement of the application*
​Planning & Building​We will conduct building inspections within 2 days from notification by the builder/owner*
​DogsWe will attend reports of currently occurring dog attacks within 2 hours
​WaspsWe will investigate and make safe reports of European Wasps within 2 days
​Food and Health​We will respond to reported food complaints within 24 hours*
​Fire​We will investigate reports of currently occurring illegal burning on the same business day
​Illegal Dumping​We will remove illegally dumped rubbish from council land within 3 days
​Community Services​We will acknowledge requests for Home and Community Care Services (including home help, domestic assistance and maintenance) within 4 business days
​Library​We will make the School Holiday program and bookings available 2 weeks before holidays commence
​Rates​We will process requests for change of address to rates notices within 3 days

*Business days

Lodging a Complaint
If you believe we have not delivered a service to a satisfactory standard, you are encouraged to review our Complaints Handling Policy and lodge a formal complaint if required.

You can make a complaint in a number of ways:

  • email
  • Over the phone (08) 8408 0400
  • Letter mailed to PO Box 44, Woodside SA 5244
  • Visit to a Council customer service office

How Your Complaint is Managed
Complaints will broadly be dealt with according to a three step approach, with complaints being dealt with at the first point of contact wherever possible:

Step 1 | Immediate response to resolve the complaint
All staff are empowered to handle complaints in the first instance and it is preferable that they are dealt with promptly at the initial point of contact and at the appropriate officer level.

Step 2 | Complaint escalated to a more senior officer
A complaint will be directed to a more senior officer in the Council, where circumstances indicate that the complaint would be more appropriately handled at a higher level.  This may occur, for example, where an officer has been involved in the matter that is the subject of the complaint, where the complaint is about an issue that requires a decision to be made at a more senior level, or where a complaint concerns a matter that ranges across more than one Council work area.

Step 3 | Internal review of a Council decision by statutory process
Internal review of a Council decision is available under section 270 of the Local Government Act 1999. This is a process established by legislation that enables a Council to reconsider all the evidence relied on to make a decision, including new evidence if relevant. This process is generally a last resort in the complaint handling process, but may also be used in situations which are not able to be resolved by other means, such as a complaint about a decision of the CEO. Details of the internal review process and an application form are contained in the Internal Review of Council Decisions Policy.