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Council Policies

The Council's policies support our strategic direction, provide guidance for Council Members, the organisation and our community, guide decision making and set expectations for the community about how the Council conducts business and responds to issues.

Policies, Codes of Practice and Codes of Conduct are fundamental components of a Council’s good governance framework.

Decisions that are made in accordance with a Council policy will genuinely reflect the Council's strategic goals and principles. Policies can be used in various contexts to:

  • reflect the key issues facing and responsibilities of the Council
  • clearly provide a policy context and framework to develop detailed objectives and processes
  • guide staff and ensure consistency in delegated and day-to-day decision-making
  • transparently inform the community of a Council’s response to various issues.

​Community Policies

Corporate Governance Policies

Council Member Policies

Development and Engineering Policies

Environment and Open Space Policies

Finance Policies

Infrastructure and Assets Policies

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