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Community and Government Roles

The roles and responsibilities of local and state government in the prevention and response to emergencies and disasters.

Emergencies Government Roles

Local Government roles

Information about local government roles

State Government roles

South Australia's Emergency Management

South Australia's Emergency Management follows these key steps:

  • Prevention: Reduce or eliminate risks
  • Preparedness: Have plans, training, and equipment ready for emergencies
  • Response: Activate plans during an emergency
  • Recovery: Help the community recover after an emergency.

Everyone in the community has a role in managing emergencies.

The State Emergency Management Plan details what different people and organisations should do, including government agencies, communities, and individuals.

The State Government's Emergencies website provides information to help you:

  • Learn how Council and State Government can support you before, during, and after an emergency
  • Know who to contact for emergency help
  • Understand more about emergencies.

Explore the below links and make plans to protect yourself, your family, and your property:

South Australia's Emergency Management Zones

South Australia is divided into eleven Emergency Management Zones. Each zone has its own Emergency Management Plan.

This system gives you information about risks from natural disasters and other hazards in your area and helps you understand how to reduce the impact on you and your family.

Federal Government roles

Information about federal government roles

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