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Award Archives

So many people have made lasting impacts on the Hills community. Browse the archive of annual award recipients.

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2023 Award recipients

Recipient name ​Recipient home town ​Award received
Natasha Hortle Woodside ​Citizen of the Year
Jasmin Scott Woodside ​Young Citizen of the Year
The English Ale Mylor ​Community Event of the Year
Brenda Stenhouse Houghton ​Civic Award
Donald Kevin Herrmann Lobethal ​Civic Award
Doreen Thomas Aldgate ​Civic Award
John Odea Gumeracha ​Civic Award
Merrilyn Hannaford Uraidla ​Civic Award
Mitchell Smyth Gumeracha ​Civic Award
Oakbank Soldiers Memorial Hall Committee Oakbank ​Civic Award
Ray Grivell Balhannah ​Civic Award
Robert Riggs Uraidla Civic Award
Ross Kealley Crafers West ​Civic Award
Stirling Meals on Wheels Stirling ​Civic Award
Tracy Goodwin Aldgate Civic Award

2022 Award recipients

Recipient name ​Recipient home town ​Award received
​Graeme and Jessica Jones Bradbury ​Citizen of the Year
​Chantelle Wuttke Aldgate ​Young Citizen of the Year
​Lobethal Gardening Festival Lobethal ​Community Event of the Year
Bill and Peg Chartres Lobethal ​Civic Award
Chris Badenoch Uraidla ​Civic Award
Elizabeth "Libby" Barber Gumeracha ​Civic Award
Felicity Young Houghton ​Civic Award
​Michelle Kenley Cudlee Creek ​Civic Award
Mikayla Schwarz Lobethal ​Civic Award
Neil Shillabeer Oakbank ​Civic Award
​SACWA Woodside Branch Woodside ​Civic Award
​Tania McGregor Crafers ​Civic Award
​Thomas Shillabeer ​Aldgate ​Civic Award

2021 Award recipients

Recipient name​Recipient home town​Award received
​Adam Weinert
​Citizen of the Year
​Sebastian Ascott
​Young Citizen of the Year
​Lobethal Community Garden Bushfire Support, and Hillstock (Matt Hawkins)
​Community Event of the Year
Billy-Jo Brewer
​Civic Award
​Brian Parker
​Civic Award
Colin Checker
​Civic Award
Cynthia Weyland
​Civic Award
​Dianne Liebelt
​Civic Award
Jeanette Biggs
​Civic Award
Jodie Turpin
​Civic Awards
​Karen Palmer
​Civic Award
​Kelly Johnston
​Civic Award
​Linda Keen
​Civic Award
​Margarete Ehrhardt
​Civic Award
​Metod 'Ted' Setnikar
​Civic Award
​Stephanie Bettison
​Civic Award
​Tremaine Kerber
​Civic Award
​BlazeAid Catering Volunteers
​Civic Awards

2020 Award recipients

Recipient name​Recipient home town​Award received
​Rick Drury
​Citizen of the Year
​Bradley Rohrlach
​Young Citizen of the Year
​Pome Fest 2019
​Lobethal / Lenswood
​Community Event of the Year
​Jeff Ayres
​Lower Hermitage
​Civic Award
​Rob and Liz Possingham
​Civic Awards
​Lesley Ewing
​Civic Award
​Phil Robinson
​Civic Award
​Mellissa Bradley
​Civic Award
​James Parkin
​Civic Award
​John and Pamella Warner
​Civic Awards
​Tom Prosser
​Civic Award
​Susanne Koen
​Civic Award

2019 Award recipients

Recipient name​Recipient home town​Award received
Robert (Bob) Brooksby​Gumeracha​Citizen of the Year
Rhys Jarrett​Bridgewater​Young Citizen of the Year
The Sustainability Fair​Uraidla​Community Event of the Year
​Neil Mullard​Uraidla​Civic Award
​Shaun Clarke​Woodside​Civic Award
​Chris Barry​Mt Torrens​Civic Award
​Irene Barry​Mt Torrens​Civic Award
​Ron Nelson​Scott Creek​Civic Award
​hART Advocates founding members​Lobethal​Civic Award
​Peter Holderness​Mylor​Civic Award
​Helen Atkinson​Houghton​Civic Award
​Brianna Green​Montacute​Civic Award
​Sheryl Collins​Mt Torrens​Civic Award
​Ian Carpenter​Birdwood​Civic Award
​Anne Cooper​Forreston​Civic Award

2018 Award recipients

Recipient name​Recipient home town​Award received
​Matt Thomas​Inglewood​Citizen of the Year
​Isaac Tinéy​Gumeracha​Young Citizen of the Year
​Beersheeba Commemoration Event​Gumeracha​Community Event of the Year
​Silvio Apponyi​Balhannah​Civic Award
​Rachel Cordes​Aldgate​Civic Award
​Julie Erwin​Mount Torrens​Civic Award
​David Furner​Balhannah​Civic Award
​Malcolm Hale​Scott Creek​Civic Award
​Gwen Hewett​Stirling​Civic Award
​Chelsea Lewis​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Nigel Steele Scott​Mount George​Civic Award
​John Tate​Birdwood​Civic Award
​Richard Wallace​Uraidla​Civic Award
​Barry Windle​Balhannah​Civic Award

2017 Award recipients

Recipient name​Recipient home town​Award received
Kim Jordan​Lobethal​Citizen of the Year
Nicole WeidenhoferCharleston​Young Citizen of the Year
Uraidla and Summertown Country Show​Uraidla​Community Event of the Year
Elise CarmenPiccadilly​Civic Award
​Stephen Collins​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Kenneth Craig​Mount Torrens​Civic Award
​Michelle Golding​Bridgewater​Civic Award
​Inez Johnson​Bridgewater​Civic Award
​David Little​Stirling​Civic Award
​Trevor Mueller​Birdwood​Civic Award
​John Rogers​Cherryville

​Civic Award

​Barbara Shepherd​Scott Creek​Civic Award

2016 Award recipients

Recipient name​Recipient home town​Award received
Tom Feinle-Bisset​Uraidla​Citizen of the Year
Milly HowellInglewood​Young Citizen of the Year
Stirling Market​Stirling​Community Event of the Year
​Bec Francis​Mylor​Civic Award
Leighton GeorgeWoodside​Civic Award
​Gumeracha Response Volunteers​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​David Hersey​Skye​Civic Award
​Ben Hopkins​Marble Hill​Civic Award
​Trevor Johnson​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​John McMahon​Inglewood​Civic Award
​Warren Murdoch​Lenswood​Civic Award
​Brianna Neeson​Stirling​Civic Award
​Han Robat​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Sandra Rolfe​Mylor​Civic Award
​Vibe - Hills Bushfire Appeal​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Dave Wark​Gumeracha​Civic Award

2015 Award recipients

Recipient name​Recipient home town​Award received
Alan D McGoughMylor​Citizen of the Year
Henry CarterGumeracha​Young Citizen of the Year
Houghton Primary SchoolHoughton​Community Event of the Year
Gary Finch​Woodside​Civic Award
​Montacute Progress Association​Montacute​Civic Award
​Wayne and Melissa Muster​Mt Torrens​Civic Award
​Amy Norsworthy​Woodside​Civic Award
​Cate Rogers​Montacute​Civic Award
​Garry TretheweyCherryville​Civic Award
​Lindsay Williams​Lobethal​Civic Award

2014 Award recipients

Recipient name​Recipient home town​Award received
​Kathryn Featherstone​Lobethal​Citizen of the Year
​Thomas Milham​Gumeracha​Young Citizen of the Year
​Third Creek Catchment Group​Montacute​Community Event of the Year
​Peter Dawson​Bridgewater​Civic Award
​Joanne Cave​Stirling​Civic Award
​Carol Moore​Ironbank​Civic Award
​Lucas Hobbs​Mylor​Civic Award
​Chris and Merrilyn Farrington​Mylor​Civic Award
​Donald Fidock​Mylor​Civic Award
​Ian Holland​Stirling​Civic Award
​Neil Wickens​Mylor​Civic Award
​Jack Roberts Camp for Youth with Disabilities​Woodside​Civic Award
​Upper Sturt Soldiers Memorial Hall Committee​Upper Sturt​Civic Award
​Bruce Nankervis​Woodside​Civic Award
​Chris Steele-Scott​Woodside​Civic Award
​Nicole Weidenhofer​Woodside​Civic Award
​Betty Kowald​Birdwood​Civic Award
​Kerry and Karen Clark​Mt Torrens​Civic Award
​Gary Brock​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Basket Range War Memorial Hall​Marble Hill​Civic Award

2013 Award recipients*

Recipient nameRecipient region​Award received
​Phyllis Coulter​Manoah Ward​Citizen of the Year
​Nathaniel Thorpe​Onkaparinga Valley Ward​Young Citizen of the Year
​Mavis Lienert​Onkaparinga Valley Ward​Civic Award
​Carolyn Van Shie​Onkaparinga Valley Ward​Civic Award
​Rona Ventris​Torrens Valley Ward​Civic Award
​Stan and Helen Hackett​Onkaparinga Valley Ward​Civic Award
​Eileen Williams​Torrens Valley Ward​Civic Award
​Kay Harlow​Mt Lofty Ward​Civic Award
​Dr Peter Sydenham​Marble Hill Ward​Civic Award
​Douglas Bishop​Marble Hill Ward​Civic Award

*Note: no Community Event of the Year was awarded in 2013

2012 Award recipients*

Recipient nameRecipient region​Award received
​Robert James​Stirling​Citizen of the Year
​Lobethal Living Nativity​Lobethal​Community Event of the Year
​Grahame Murray​Manoah/Mt Lofty Wards​Civic Award
​Stirling Business Association
(Autumn Garden Festival)
​Manoah/Mt Lofty Wards​Civic Award
​Gordon Nolan​Onkaparinga Valley Ward​Civic Award
​Don and Dulcie Grivell​Onkaparinga Valley Ward​Civic Award
​Andrew Stratford​Onkaparinga Valley Ward​Civic Award
​Lobethal Reception Centre and Community​Onkaparinga Valley Ward​Civic Award
​Mt Torrens and District Community Association​Torrens Valley Ward​Civic Award
​Kevin Sinkinson​Torrens Valley Ward​Civic Award
​Malcolm Applebee​Torrens Valley Ward​Civic Award

*Note: no Young Citizen of the Year was awarded in 2012

2011 Award recipients*

Recipient nameRecipient region​Award received
​Lois Allen​Manoah Ward​Citizen of the Year
​Clara Solly-Slade​Torrens Valley Ward​Young Citizen of the Year
​Mylor Branch Australian Red Cross​Manoah Ward​Civic Award
​Mylor Oval Committee​Manoah Ward​Civic Award
​Dawn Searcy​Manoah Ward​Civic Award
​Gerald O'Callaghan​Manoah Ward​Civic Award
​Robert Chappel​Manoah Ward​Civic Award
​Barry Dixson​Manoah Ward​Civic Award
​David Giles​Mt Lofty Ward​Civic Award
​Bev Armstrong​Mt Lofty Ward​Civic Award
​Caitlin Lawless​Mt Lofty Ward​Civic Award
​Jean Wood​Marble Hill Ward​Civic Award
​Hugh Stewart​Marble Hill Ward​Civic Award
​Wendy Stewart​Marble Hill Ward​Civic Award
​Kenneth Cobbledick​Marble Hill Ward​Civic Award
​Gwenneth Fenton​Marble Hill Ward​Civic Award
​Joan Playford​Torrens Valley Ward​Civic Award
​June Muster​Torrens Valley Ward​Civic Award

*Note: no Community Event of the Year was awarded in 2011

2010 Award recipients*

Recipient nameRecipient region​Award received
Charlotte Firth​Myor​Citizen of the Year
Gumeracha Medieval Fair​Gumeracha​Community Event of the Year
​Frederick Rainey​Mylor​Civic Award
​Edna Hall​Mylor​Civic Award
​Albert Ewing​Mylor​Civic Award
​Mylor Art: Days of wine & roses​Mylor​Civic Award
​Tess O'Callaghan​Mylor​Civic Award
​Rae Reynolds​Mylor​Civic Award
​Leonie Barker​Mylor​Civic Award
​Beverley Schubert​Woodside​Civic Award
​Woodside CWA​Woodside​Civic Award
​Patricia Wheeler​Woodside​Civic Award
​Iris Coulter​Woodside​Civic Award
​Maureen Smith​Woodside​Civic Award
​Nick Brockhoff​Woodside​Civic Award
​Kath Wicks​Woodside​Civic Award
​Jasemine Rose​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Pam Hale​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Monomeith Garden Party​Marble Hill​Civic Award
​Andrea Ceres​Marble Hill​Civic Award

*Note: no Young Citizen of the Year was awarded in 2010

2009 Award recipients

Recipient nameRecipient home town​Award received
Merrilie RowleyCrafers​Citizen of the Year
Alice MussaredAldgateYoung Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Ashleigh Brooke Palmer​Bridgewater​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Lobethal Grand Carnival​Lobethal​Community Event of the Year
​Jeanette Taylor​Ashton​Civic Award
​Sebastian Geers​Uraidla​Civic Award
​East Torrens Lions Club​Civic Award
​Brian Barker​Mylor​Civic Award
​Joslyn van der Moolen​Mylor​Civic Award
​Jim Killick​Scott Creek​Civic Award
​Ed Douglas & Bet Witton​Aldgate​Civic Award
​Autumn in Mylor​Mylor​Civic Award
​Hut Community Family Fair​Aldgate​Civic Award
​Myalls Fawcett​Forreston​Civic Award
​Kevin Kleeman​Lobethal​Civic Award
​Joan Macklin​Woodside​Civic Award
​Val Michael​Lobethal​Civic Award

2008 Award recipients

Recipient nameRecipient region​Award received
David WottonStirling​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Peter Bonython​Summertown​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Frank & Margery Holland, with "Emma"​Torrens Valley Ward​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Lee Mintram​Torrens Valley Ward​Young Citizen of the Year
​Mylor Citizens Friendship Club​Mylor​Community Event of the Year (joint)
Gumeracha Primary School 150 year anniversary program​​Gumeracha​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Margaret Bailey​Manoah Ward​Civic Award
​East Torrens Historical Society​Marble Hill Ward​Civic Award
​Diana Clark​Marble Hill Ward​Civic Award
​Ian Sparnon​Marble Hill Ward​Civic Award
​Johnston Memorial Park​Onkaparinga Valley Ward​Civic Award
​Have a Cuppa Club​Onkaparinga Valley Ward​Civic Award
​Jim Hennessy​Onkaparinga Valley Ward​Civic Award
​Lobethal Primary School​Onkaparinga Valley Ward​Civic Award

2007 Award recipients

Recipient nameRecipient home town​Award received
Brigit Hatton​Gumeracha​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Rachel Basford​Stirling​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Grahame Murray​Stirling​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Dr Geoffrey Bishop​Uraidla​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Kevin Vanheythuysen​Woodside​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Brenton Shaw​Bridgewater​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Florence Burke​Gumeracha​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Jerome Cubillo​Woodforde​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Birdwood High School 75 celebrations​Birdwood​Community Event of the Year
​David Ragless​Stirling​Civic Award
​Christl Markovic​Bridgewater​Civic Award
​Mary Sickerdick​Lobethal​Civic Award
​Ian & Pauline Hart​Lobethal​Civic Award
​Neville Fechner​Woodside​Civic Award
​Christine Stafford​Lenswood​Civic Award
​Terry Smith​Civic Award
​Gumeracha Community Association​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​John Bowling​Bridgewater​Civic Award
​Green Web​Stirling​Civic Award
​Helen Schubert​Oakbank​Civic Award
​Felicity Playford​Marble Hill​Civic Award

2006 Award recipients

Recipient nameRecipient home town​Award received
Ruth GilesStirling​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Peter Stanbury​Charleston​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Ross Leckie​Mt Torrens​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Douglas Fletcher​Basket Range​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Philip Cornish​Gumeracha​Young Citizen of the Year
​25 Birthday Celebration of Coventry Memorial Library​Stirling​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Bradbury CFS 50th Birthday Celebrations​Bradbury​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Woodside Tour Down Under​Woodside​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Houghton Soldiers Memorial Walk & Remembrance Wall​Houghton​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Principal Basket Range Primary School​Basket Range​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Sally McHenry​Stirling​Civic Award
​Merilyn Kuchel​Bridgewater​Civic Award
​Lorraine Kuchel​Bridgewater​Civic Award
​Woodside Warriors AFC​Woodside​Civic Award
​Mary Matthews​Nairne​Civic Award
​Darren Hochuli​Woodside​Civic Award
​Anne Wuttke​Woodside​Civic Award
​Janice Haywood​Balhannah​Civic Award
​Bernard Arnold​Birdwood​Civic Award
​Penny Smith​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Joan Gibbs​Cudlee Creek​Civic Award
​Chris Bastian​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Trevor Kowald​Mt Torrens​Civic Award
​Elisabeth Sigmund​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Doug Munn​Norton Summit​Civic Award
​Pam Melville​Uraidla​Civic Award
​Judith Cranwell​Uraidla​Civic Award

2005 Award recipients

Recipient nameRecipient home town​Award received
Linda GreenMt Torrens​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​James Drummond​Woodside​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Chris Chardon​Stirling​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Debra Collins-Smith​Norton Summit​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Matthew Knobben​Mt Torrens​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Nicole Dal Piva​Balhannah​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Emrys Leitch​Stirling​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Gumeracha District Soldiers Memorial Hospital Ladies Auxiliary​Gumeracha​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Mid-Hills Netball Association​Woodside​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Enchanted Garden Party - Aldgate, Bridgewater, Stirling, Stirling East Kindergartens, and Bridgewater Primary School​Bridgewater​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Norton Summit Primary School​Norton Summit​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Dennis Clarke​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Bernadette Reading​Torrens Valley​Civic Award
​John Wakefield​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Gumeracha Community Association Information Bay​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Margaret Fry​Woodside​Civic Award
​Chris Short​Stirling​Civic Award
​Lola Bennier​Stirling​Civic Award
​Norman Coventry​Bridgewater​Civic Award
​Jean Fitzgerald​Bridgewater​Civic Award
​Margaret Fidock​Mylor​Civic Award
​Colin Gardiner​Stirling​Civic Award
​Vee and Dennis Noble​Stirling​Civic Award
​Lorri Ragless​Stirling​Civic Award
​Prof. Peter Schwerdtfeger​Stirling​Civic Award
​Terry Beeston​Summertown​Civic Award
​Sandy Taylor​Ashton​Civic Award

2004 Award recipients

Recipient nameRecipient home town​Award received
Jane RyanBalhannah​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Shirley Mueller​Birdwood​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Phillip Rungie​Aldgate​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Forest Driver​Summertown​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Rebecca Hawkins​Inglewood​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Nicholas Wright​Stirling​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Mt Torrens 150 Anniversary Celebrations​Mt Torrens​Community Event of the Year
​Carol Brockhoff​Lenswood​Civic Award
​Basil Abraham​Balhannah​Civic Award
​Janet Hemsley​Woodside​Civic Award
​Kym Green​Lenswood​Civic Award
​Recreation Ground Sport Club​Lobethal​Civic Award
​Meals on Wheels Volunteers​Woodside​Civic Award
​Adelaide Hills Concert Band​Woodside​Civic Award
​Graeme and Heather Wilkinson​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Helen Bourne​Kersbrook​Civic Award
​Lyndall Hendrickson​Upper Sturt​Civic Award
​The Hut Community Centre​Aldgate​Civic Award
​Donald Blackwell​Greenhill​Civic Award
​Pam Green​Montacute​Civic Award
​Randall Shelton​Montacute​Civic Award

2003 Award recipients

Recipient nameRecipient home town​Award received
Rose GreenLobethal​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Eileen O'Dea​Gumeracha​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Raymond Allen​Bradbury​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Don Cranwell​Basket Range​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Leonie Green​Mt Torrens​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Lindsay Prodea​Summertown​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Lobethal Centennial Hall Committee​Lobethal​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Hospital Day Care Centre Project​Gumeracha​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Mt Lofty Historical Society Family Fun Day (Jimmy Melrose plaque unveiling)​Mt Lofty​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Ashton Kids Disco​Ashton​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Lynn Rawlings​Lobethal​Civic Award
​Graham Rehn​Kersbrook​Civic Award
​Phyllis Coulter​Longwood​Civic Award
​Glynn Smith​Norton Summit​Civic Award
​Graham and Marion Duerden​Greenhill​Civic Award
​The Woodside Informa​Woodside​Civic Award
​Brian Hanafin​Stirling​Civic Award
​John Osborne​Rostrevor​Civic Award

2002 Award recipients

Recipient nameRecipient home town​Award received
Kathleen BeauchampLenswood​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Jan Murray​Birdwood​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Ann herraman​Aldgate​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Peter Sanders​Greenhill​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Edward Brockhoff​Oakbank​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Meegan Tregenz​Gumeracha​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Reece Pedler​Bridgewater​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Gumeracha & District History Centre Historical Plaques Program​Gumeracha​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Stirling RSL and Mt Lofty & Districts Historical Society Historical Photographic Exhibition​Stirling​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Dawn Lorke​Woodside​Civic Award
​Leslie Martin​Balhannah​Civic Award
​Onkaparinga Swimming Centre​Woodside​Civic Award
​Merv Miles​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Brenda Wakefield​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Rachel Vincent​Houghton​Civic Award
​Ian Carpenter​Birdwood​Civic Award
​Bob Day​Houghton​Civic Award
​Rick Semmelmann​Bridgewater​Civic Award
​Friends of the Mylor Bushland Park​Mylor​Civic Award
​Nita Clifton​Civic Award
​Friends of Stirling Linear Park​Stirling​Civic Award
​Friends of Stirling Coventry Memorial Library​Stirling​Civic Award
​John Hunter​Marble Hill​Civic Award
​Hilda Holliday​Marble Hill​Civic Award
​Lois Addison​Basket Range​Civic Award
​Graham Dickson​Rostrevor​Civic Award
​Uraidla & Summertown Main Street Committee​Uraidla​Civic Award
​Malcolm and Jeanette Dallwitz​Civic Award

2001 Award recipients

Recipient nameRecipient home town​Award received
Bill and Jan GaleWoodside​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Ross Schlein​Kersbrook​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Lloyd Waters​Stirling​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Marcel Clark​Marble Hill​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Andrew Pappin​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Michaelia Cockshell​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Norton Summit Primary School Student Representative Council​Norton Summit​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Uraidla Primary School Student Representative Council​Uraidla​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Basket Range Primary School Student Representative Council​Basket Range​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Trooper John Hartley Moore Commemoration​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Back to Mt Torrens​Mt Torrens​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Trooper Albert Page Dedication Ceremony​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Uraidla Show Day​Uraidla​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Geoffrey Pfeiffer​Woodside​Civic Award
​Robert Kemp​Balhannah​Civic Award
​Inverbrackie/Mitchel Creek Catchment Group​Inverbrackie​Civic Award
​Milton Checker​Kersbrook​Civic Award
​Frank Hollands​Kersbrook​Civic Award
​Robert Brooksby​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Uniting Church 150 Anniversary​Kersbrook​Civic Award
​Federation Park​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Anita Aspinall​Scott Creek​Civic Award
​Elizabeth Angove​Crafers​Civic Award
​Trevor Ranford​Bridgewater​Civic Award
​Keith Bull​Longwood​Civic Award
​Rosie Schultz​Uraidla​Civic Award
​Greenhill Water Supply Co Ltd​Greenhill​Civic Award
​Gill Williams​Ashton​Civic Award

2000 Award recipients

Recipient nameRecipient home town​Award received
Chris GeorgiouCudlee Creek​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​John McGregor​Crafers​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Nigel Dahlenburg​Houghton​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Marcus Windle​Bridgewater​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Lee Hart​Stirling​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Kersbrook Riding with the Handicapped​Kersbrook​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Glenn Thomson Crop a Cop​Woodside​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​26 Camellia Exhibition, Stangate Camellia Garden​Aldgate​Community Event of the year (joint)
​Kersbrook Soldiers Memorial Park​Kersbrook​Civic Award
​Kenneth Cooper​Gumeracha​Civic Award
​Roy Nitschke​Oakbank​Civic Award
​Nigel Brockhoff​Oakbank​Civic Award
​Helen McNaught​Balhannah​Civic Award
​Barb Hahesy​Balhannah​Civic Award
​Friends of Marble Hill​Marble Hill​Civic Award
​Tina Stoeger​Aldgate​Civic Award
​Apex Club Christmas Pageant​Stirling​Civic Award
​Lions Club​Stirling​Civic Award
​Kiwanis Aktion Club​Stirling​Civic Award

1999 Award recipients

Recipient nameRecipient home town​Award received
Kenneth KlaerLobethal​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Betty Rehn​Kersbrook​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Jill Ahlberg​Stirling​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Rebecca Raven​Bridgewater​Young Citizen of the Year
​Stirling Community Shop​Stirling​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Woodside Pageant​Woodside​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Angeliki Pertsinidis​Carey Gully​Civic Award
​Evangelos Pertsinidis​Carey Gully​Civic Award
​June Drummond​Woodside​Civic Award
​Owen Thomas Smith​Woodside​Civic Award

1998 Award recipients

Recipient nameRecipient home town​Award received
Audrey CollinsCudlee Creek​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Jeff Waters​Bridgewater​Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Lisa Hughes​Birdwood​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Laura Tanner​Bridgewater​Young Citizen of the Year (joint)
​Birdwood Farm Day​Birdwood​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Uraidla Show Day​Uraidla​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Lobethal Lights Festival​Lobethal​Community Event of the Year (joint)
​Dr Peter Brummit​Stirling​Civic Award
​Craig Paschke​Balhannah​Civic Award
​Carol Pingel​Lobethal​Civic Award

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