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Free paint disposal at the Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre

Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre is offering residents free paint disposal to support the circular economy via Paintback.

Paintback Paint Recycling

Free paint disposal at the Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre

Council collaborates with Paintback, the national paint collection scheme, to promote responsible paint disposal in the region.

Paintback accepts up to 100 litres per vehicle, per visit, secured in containers of 20 litres or less. The system applies to both residential and trades, and paint can be dry or liquid.

With over 165 collection points across Australia, including the Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre, residents can easily and safely dispose of their unwanted paint and packaging for free, reducing landfill and environmental harm.

Paintback's process separates waste liquid and packaging materials, recycling uncontaminated containers to minimise waste and enhance resource recovery. Solvent-based paint is transformed into an alternative fuel source, reducing reliance on coal and promoting sustainable energy options.

For acrylic paint, the program separates water from the paint, repurposing the by-product in various industries and significantly reducing landfill waste. Reclaimed water is also used by other industries, conserving mains water usage.

Paintback is committed to advancing research in Australia to improve paint and packaging recovery, reducing demand for virgin resources. Their aim is to divert at least 90 percent of unwanted paint from traditional waste streams, fostering a circular economy where products are continually reused or repurposed.

Hills residents and trades people can contribute to this eco-friendly initiative by utilising the free drop-off service at the Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre after completing their paint projects.

Through this collaboration with Paintback, Adelaide Hills Council is taking concrete steps towards building a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable community, ensuring a better environment for future generations.

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