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Planning and Design Code

The Adelaide Hills Council Development Plan has been replaced by the Planning and Design Code which came into effect on 19 March 2021. To find out more about the Policies that affect your land refer to the links below.

Zoning Information

You can access the Planning and Design Code via the Plan SA online tool to find out zoning and development policy information.

There are three different ways to view the Planning and Design Code in this tool:

  1. Enquire about Code policies applicable to an address
  2. Enquire about Code policies applicable to a development at an address
  3. Browse the Planning and Design Code

Learn how to use the Planning and Design Code in this video.

Once you have gathered the relevant information you might find the following information useful: Development Application Process

Planning and Design Code Amendments

The Planning and Design Code is subject to ongoing strategic reviews and amendments to ensure that planning trends and community issues are balanced, reflecting the desired future character for the area.

Changes to the Planning and Design Code are made by Planning and Design Code Amendments (PDCAs) which can be prepared by either the Council, State Planning Commission, Government Agency or a private land owner. All PDCAs are subject to the Minister for Planning supporting a proposal to initiate and for final approval.

Code Amendments are notified and released for public consultation in accordance with the Community Engagement Charter under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 and a specific Engagement Plan relevant to the Amendment.

Some Code Amendments may be given interim authorisation by the State Government to prevent negative speculative development, e.g., proposed Local Heritage Places. This means that the new policies become law on an interim basis, during which time the public and government agencies are consulted. There may be changes made during this time based on submissions received.

After the consultation period finishes, all submissions including those from the public and government agencies are reviewed and addressed in an Engagement Report, including any further necessary policy amendments as considered appropriate. The PDCA is then forwarded to the Minister for Planning for final authorisation.

View all the Code Amendments initiated, on consultation or being finalised via the PlanSA Code Amendment Map Viewer.

Code Amendments Affecting the Adelaide Hills Council

State-wide Bushfire Hazards Overlay Code Amendment

The State Planning Commission is updating South Australia's Bushfire Hazard Mapping and Planning Rules.


Planning and building controls play an important role in ensuring the development of habitable buildings and structures match the level of risk within designated bushfire-prone areas. The bushfire hazard ratings used in the Planning and Design Code are applied through the bushfire hazard overlays. These overlays apply a policy framework, or planning rules, that can be used to reduce potential impacts from bushfire hazards when assessing development applications.

The State-wide Bushfire Hazards Overlay Code Amendment seeks to update the spatial application of the bushfire hazard overlays to reflect recent bushfire hazard mapping, and review the policy contained in each of the overlays. The proposed bushfire hazard mapping has been prepared using updated mapping methodology and more recent vegetation data, to provide a more contemporary and accurate representation of the bushfire hazard levels throughout the entire state.

The purpose of the Code Amendment is to deliver an improved policy framework within the Code for assessing development in areas of potential bushfire hazard impacts. This includes opportunities to provide a more streamlined assessment process for development applications that meet specific policy requirements that ensure the proposed development is designed and located to address potential bushfire hazard impacts.

How it Affects the Adelaide Hills Council

The mapping has identified that the Adelaide Hills is highly exposed to bushfire hazards. Based on a review of the draft Code Amendment the following findings are considered most relevant to Adelaide Hills:

  • 44% of properties in AHC are currently in the High Bushfire Hazard Area, this is proposed to increase to 80%.
  • Large areas of Council previously deemed in the Medium Bushfire Hazard Area are proposed to become High Bushfire Hazard Areas.
  • Some areas currently deemed High Bushfire Hazard Areas are proposed to become Medium Bushfire Hazard Areas.

View an interactive map of the proposed changes.

Have Your Say

The State Planning Commission are seeking your feedback on proposed changes to the bushfire hazard mapping and overlays in the Planning and Design Code.

The State-wide Bushfire Hazards Overlay Code Amendment proposes to:

  • Review and update the mapping and policy framework of the current six bushfire hazard overlays
  • Deliver improved policy within the Code
  • Ensure the right measures are in place to keep our state’s people, property, infrastructure, economy and environments as safe as possible.

They want to better reflect bushfire hazards across the state and introduce new rules to help save lives and build more climate-resilient communities.

Consultation closes at 5pm on 8 March 2024. A Community Information session will be held in early 2024 with more details to come.

Find out more and take the survey.

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